What constitutes wire fraud?

One crime that is continually evolving and changing, and that is consistently on the rise, is wire fraud. Wire fraud can constitute many different types of crimes and it is important that Texas residents recognize what this crime entails.

Wire fraud is a federal crime and a person who is found guilty of such crime can be subject to serious penalties. Wire fraud is using any sort of electronic communication to obtain money or property from someone fraudulently. Examples include creating an eBay listing and then never delivering the item, using someone's financial information to transfer money to another bank account and sending out fake emails with the intent of having someone send money.

A person who has been accused of wire fraud may want to speak to an attorney who has experience in criminal defense. Because wire fraud is a federal crime, there are many complexities that can be involved. A criminal defense attorney can work to defend their client who has been accused of this serious crime.

Those who have been accused of wire fraud need to understand how serious of a crime it can be. Those who are found guilty can face prison time, fines and a permanent criminal record. Fines can amount to over $250,000 or more if the fraud involved a declared emergency or disaster. Prison time can be 20 to 30 years for each offense. These are serious consequences that need to be considered and an attorney can help defendants to make sure their rights are being protected.

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