The right approach after an arrest for drug crimes in Texas

People in Austin who find themselves under arrest for drug offenses need to keep various factors in mind as they plan a defense strategy. Regardless of the situation and whether the charges are related to drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia or more serious charges, certain issues will be important. For example, the prosecutor is required to have evidence. If the charges have not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then there will be an acquittal. Other circumstances, such as a plea agreement, can result in reduced charges.

With drug offenses, a conviction can result in jail time and significant fines. Needless to say, a conviction can have a substantial impact on a person's life, reputation and future. There are certain drug crimes that will crop up frequently. They include: possession; possession of drug paraphernalia; drug manufacturing; delivering, distributing and sale; trafficking; possession with the intent to deliver; possessing a simulated controlled substance; delivering a controlled substance; committing fraud to obtain a controlled substance; and prescription fraud.

Since different criminal allegations can yield different penalties, even those who are arrested for possession might find themselves confronted by incarceration. Other penalties include getting treatment or being placed on probation. Those who are arrested need to be aware that they have options to try to reduce the charges in the event that an acquittal is unrealistic or unlikely.

Being placed under arrest for drug crimes can be frightening. It is natural to be worried about the future. Given the multitude of consequences for a conviction, it is imperative to take the right approach after an arrest for drug charges.

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