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What constitutes wire fraud?

One crime that is continually evolving and changing, and that is consistently on the rise, is wire fraud. Wire fraud can constitute many different types of crimes and it is important that Texas residents recognize what this crime entails.

What happens if you violate the terms of probation?

Rather than jail time, you may have been given a probation period if you were convicted of a crime. These periods of supervision have conditions that must be followed or you could face even more consequences. How serious is a probation violation? Here is what could happen if you go against the terms of your sentence.

You Don't Need A Prescription To Stop An Overdose

The following SlideShare presentation explores opioid abuse in Texas, and how the drug Naloxone can stop the effects of an overdose. Prescription painkillers are at the root of many criminal charges in the state, and use and abuse of the drug has become a serious problem nationwide. 

The right approach after an arrest for drug crimes in Texas

People in Austin who find themselves under arrest for drug offenses need to keep various factors in mind as they plan a defense strategy. Regardless of the situation and whether the charges are related to drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia or more serious charges, certain issues will be important. For example, the prosecutor is required to have evidence. If the charges have not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then there will be an acquittal. Other circumstances, such as a plea agreement, can result in reduced charges.