What is mail fraud?

There are different categories and types of fraud crimes and one type is mail fraud. You may wonder what charges for mail fraud entail and if charged with mail fraud, it is certainly important to know what mail fraud includes. In general, mail fraud occurs when the United States mail system is utilized to further a criminal act. As is true of most crimes and criminal charges, there are several elements that need to be met for a mail fraud charge to be successful.

Mail fraud charges require that the accused individual engaged in a scheme to defraud; the scheme to defraud included material misstatements or omissions; the scheme resulted in the loss of money, property or honest services or would have resulted in such losses had the scheme been carried out and completed; the accused individual used the U.S. mail to further the scheme to defraud; and the accused individual actually used or caused the use of the U.S. mail.

When faced with criminal charges, including charges for fraud or mail fraud, it is important to be prepared to effectively respond with a strong criminal defense strategy. It is no secret that criminal charges present possibly harsh penalties and consequences which is why it is important for accused individuals to understand how a strong criminal defense can help them. They may be able to challenge evidence against them, challenge the activities of authorities that may have been in violation of the accused individual's rights or provide an affirmation defense in response to the charges.

When individuals accused of a crime are not familiar with their legal rights and protections, disaster can result. Consequently, it is important to understand what your criminal rights are and how to summon the protections available to you through the criminal justice system when facing criminal charges including fraud charges.

Source: Legal Information Institute, "Mail Fraud," Accessed Dec. 27, 2016

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