What is drug trafficking?

All drug charges are serious but this can be particularly true of drug trafficking and drug distribution charges. You may wonder, as a result, what drug trafficking and drug distribution charges include. Drug trafficking generally includes the selling, transport and illegal importation of controlled substances. Controlled substances include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other illegal drugs. Drug charges can also result from prescription drugs illegally obtained or possessed. The punishments for drug trafficking can be harsh and depend on several factors.

Drug trafficking charges are more serious than drug possession charges and can result if authorities believe the accused individual intends to sell the drugs. If the accused individual has both drugs and large amounts of cash, they may face drug trafficking charges and penalties can range from 3 to 5 years in prison or longer. Because of the serious nature of drug trafficking charges, and potentially harsh punishments associated with them, it is important to be familiar with criminal defense rights when facing drug trafficking charges.

As part of a criminal defense, it is possible to challenge the evidence being used against the accused individual such as circumstantial evidence that the accused individual allegedly was in possession of drugs and cash. It is also possible to challenge witness statements or the manner in which evidence was obtained if it was obtained in violation of the accused individual's rights. Criminal defense rights are important protections the accused individual enjoys regardless of the criminal charges they are facing.

Anyone accused of drug trafficking should be readily prepared with a strong criminal defense strategy. Understanding criminal defense rights, how they relate to the charges being facing and the evidence against the accused individual is an essential aspect of a criminal defense response to drug trafficking charges.

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