Helping Austin residents accused of white collar crime

For many residents of Austin, Texas, stories about "white collar crime" may hit a little closer to home than other stories about people accused of violating either Texas or federal law. Many times, Texans arrested for these sorts of crimes have full time jobs, raise families and own a home, often a nice home. In short, such people seem on the surface to be productive citizens.

The penalties for white collar crime in Texas are steep. In many situations, they are felonies, meaning even when conviction can make it difficult if not impossible to find work in one's career field. Additionally, jail, lengthy probation and hefty fines are a real possibility, even the norm, in felony white collar cases.

On the other hand, it is not that difficult for an Austin resident to get in to a situation in which he or she gets investigated for fraud, deception, forgery or some other crime often related to one's business conduct. For some, personal financial problems or an addiction can lead them to make some poor choices, but these people many times deserve a second chance.

However, many other people accused of white collar crime were in fact simply in the wrong place at the wrong time or, in other words, involved in a business transaction with knowing of an underlying fraud or deceit. Fortunately for these people, they have the right to offer a vigorous criminal defense and hold the state accountable to its burden of proof.

The experienced defense professionals at our law office have represented those accused of different types of white collar crimes and aggressively use their knowledge and experience to protect their rights.

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