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What is drug trafficking?

All drug charges are serious but this can be particularly true of drug trafficking and drug distribution charges. You may wonder, as a result, what drug trafficking and drug distribution charges include. Drug trafficking generally includes the selling, transport and illegal importation of controlled substances. Controlled substances include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other illegal drugs. Drug charges can also result from prescription drugs illegally obtained or possessed. The punishments for drug trafficking can be harsh and depend on several factors.

Man arrested on DWI charges after crashing expensive sports car

It is generally understood that driving under the influence is a violation of the law and can lead to various penalties if the person is convicted. Drivers in Austin need to know about the potential consequences of charges for driving while intoxicated, but they also should know about how an investigation and arrest is supposed to be conducted to adhere to the law from the law enforcement point of view. Regardless of the circumstances of the alleged DWI, one of the most important factors in the outcome is to have a strong legal defense.

Helping Austin residents accused of white collar crime

For many residents of Austin, Texas, stories about "white collar crime" may hit a little closer to home than other stories about people accused of violating either Texas or federal law. Many times, Texans arrested for these sorts of crimes have full time jobs, raise families and own a home, often a nice home. In short, such people seem on the surface to be productive citizens.

What is mail fraud?

There are different categories and types of fraud crimes and one type is mail fraud. You may wonder what charges for mail fraud entail and if charged with mail fraud, it is certainly important to know what mail fraud includes. In general, mail fraud occurs when the United States mail system is utilized to further a criminal act. As is true of most crimes and criminal charges, there are several elements that need to be met for a mail fraud charge to be successful.

If I am caught with marijuana, can I be punished?

Unlike some other states, in Texas, it remains illegal to have or use marijuana recreationally. As Austin is the home of a major university an is well known for its youthful culture and music scene, it may be worthwhile for Austin residents to be reminded of the possible penalties for having marijuana in their possession.

Man arrested for multiple drug offenses in Austin

Austin law enforcement officers are constantly trying to catch those involved in drug activity. Drug crimes can range in scope from simple possession to intent to distribute to much more serious allegations. For those who are arrested on these charges, it is imperative to plan for a strong defense from the start to try to have a positive outcome.

Potential consequences for an open container of alcohol in a car

Texans might believe that they can only be arrested and charged with DWI offenses and alcohol-related violations while in a car if they are operating the vehicle under the influence. However, there are other aspects of the law that can result in being charged for alcohol-related offenses while in a motor vehicle. It is important to know the justifications behind a charge for being in possession of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle and the when it is legal under the law to have an open container.

Man sleeping behind wheel arrested on DWI charges

Drivers in Austin will undoubtedly understand the potential consequences and penalties of an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence. However, there are certain incidents that can result in being charged with DWI even when the driver is not actually driving and the arrest was made because of circumstances. Whether the alleged DWI offenses occurred when a law enforcement officer made a traffic stop or in another situation, it is a key to the outcome of the case to have legal advice from the time of the arrest onward.