Drug crimes: K2 synthetic marijuana sends 12 to hospital

Several people in Austin landed in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day after using K2 synthetic marijuana. Authorities say multiple overdoses have resulted from the use of this narcotic. In August, police arrested 13 individuals for drug crimes involving the sale of K2 shortly before the hospitalization of 70 users within 24 hours.

K2 manufacturers spray mixtures of spices, herbs and other plant material with a synthetic version of THC -- the psychoactive ingredient present in marijuana. The American Association of Poison Control Centers says this synthetic narcotic contains harmful chemicals that can cause seizures, severe agitation, harmful thoughts and intense hallucinations. Authorities in Austin say K2 sales in the area has caused an epidemic.

From about 3:30 p.m. on Friday, emergency services started receiving calls about people along a local street requiring medical attention. EMS responders rushed at least 12 individuals to different hospitals. Authorities said the victims suffered the consequences of ingesting synthetic marijuana. Law enforcement in Austin arrested a 56-year-old furniture mover and a 41-year-old woman on trafficking K2 synthetic marijuana in September, alleging they were responsible for multiple overdoses of K2.

The Texas Controlled Substances Act strictly regulates narcotics-related criminal offenses. Austin residents who face charges of drug crimes will likely retain the services of experienced criminal defense attorneys. These crimes require detailed and complete evidence against a defendant, and a seasoned lawyer can scrutinize the prosecution's case to find evidentiary gaps. Such weaknesses may cause reasonable doubt, without which no conviction can take place. A drug crimes defense attorney will always seek the best possible outcome based on the circumstances.

Source: Downtown Austin, TX Patch, "Multiple People Hospitalized From Downtown Austin After Ingesting K2 Synthetic Marijuana", Tony Cantu, Nov. 25, 2016

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