Why experience matters when picking a DWI lawyer

If you have been charged with drunk driving, then you are right to think that you should talk to a lawyer. DWIs are not just another traffic ticket. They are treated very seriously under Texas law, and the consequences of a conviction can affect your life for many years to come.

For example, you could lose your driver's license, your insurance rates could skyrocket and you could even be sentenced to jail.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome in your DWI case, it's important to work with a defense lawyer, but not just any lawyer will do. You need a lawyer with experience.

Granger, Mueller & Wood P.C. is one of the most well-respected criminal defense law firms in the Austin area. We have represented people just like you in more than 10,000 cases, including more than 2,000 DWI cases.

We know how to use this experience to develop the best strategy possible for our clients, whether that means pursuing a not guilty verdict or reducing the consequences that are possible.

Your case might not be as straightforward as you think

DWI cases are more complicated than most people realize, which means there is a greater likelihood of beating the charges than you might think. There are numerous factors about the traffic stop and DWI arrest that may be able to be challenged such as:

  • Was the traffic stop lawful? In other words, did the officer have the right to pull you over in the first place?
  • Were you read your rights and given the opportunity to call a lawyer?
  • Was the equipment used to test your breath or blood reliable and used properly by a qualified person?

As you can see, DWI cases involve a lot more than just the simple question of whether or not you were over the legal limit to drive. Your lawyer must be able to identify every issue.

Your future is at risk, you need the best

If you needed to have surgery, you would want to be operated on by the best surgeon possible. The same is true for when you face a DWI charge. Your freedom, your rights and your future are at risk, so you need the best lawyer possible by your side.

Keep reading to find out more about our firm and how we help those facing DWI charges.

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