October 2015 Archives

Emails: Prosecutors Got Texas Mutual "Great Publicity"

Once you start bragging about the amount of money you brought in as a prosecutor for a private company, things have gone totally wrong. It's one thing to believe that our government is owned and controlled by major corporations, it's worse when a company has a contract with the District Attorneys office to prosecute its cases.

Another Junk Science Tossed

"The truth is, there was never any conclusive data or rigorous studies to back up bite mark evidence, which has been under fire from scientists and defense lawyers ever since it was first allowed in court in 1974. Tests of bite mark evidence reliability have found error rates between 12 and 64 percent, but since no court ever ruled against its admissibility, it was allowed. "

Travis County Commissioners to tackle sobriety center project

While most people don't consider drug and alcohol abuse health issues, they really are. If you put some substance in your body that isn't good for you, that is a health problem. Whether its bacon, fried anything, too much alcohol, etc, once you've had too much, you need medical attention. That is the theory behind the sobriety center planned for Travis County. Rather than lock people up who have had too much, it might serve the public better to take the inebriated somewhere they can get help, rather than a criminal charge, jail time, fines, etc.

The NYPD Is Using Mobile X-Ray Vans to Spy on Unknown Targets

Great read on possible civil rights violations made against citizens of New York, not to mention the health damage caused by exposure to X-rays. It will be interesting to see how many other tools we used in foreign countries are now being returned to service to be deployed against US citizens.