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Penalties and defenses for drug charges in Texas

Facing drug charges in Texas is not a situation that should be taken lightly. Texas has some of the harshest penalties for drug crimes. To be convicted of drug charges, the accused individual must have knowingly and intentionally possessed, or had control over a controlled drug that the accused individual did not have a valid prescription or medical use.

Texas law designates four classes of drugs and each has its own classification and set of penalties. It is important to note that marijuana is classified on its own and is classified independent of the other four classes of drugs.

Did The Cop Who Arrested You Do It For The Overtime?

In Austin, as in Houston, police officers have an extra incentive to make DWI arrests: time they spend in court counts as overtime. Therefore, even if a police officer charges you with DWI and you are acquitted, they still make extra money just by showing up. In some cases, officers are making more than their yearly salary in overtime pay alone.

Defense strategy or unnecessary conviction?

What is white collar crime?

You may have heard the phrase white collar crime and wondered what it refers to and what types of crimes it applies to. White collar crimes are typically financial crimes that involve misleading, concealing or deceit to accomplish. Examples of white collar crimes can include fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion or money laundering. Specifically, white collar financial crimes can include Ponzi schemes, insurance fraud, tax evasion and securities fraud including insider trading.

Many white collar crimes involve fraud which refers to using deceitful methods for monetary gain. White collar crimes can result in serious penalties and consequences for those accused of committing white collar crimes. Embezzlement is a fairly common type of white collar crime that can result in incarceration and other possible penalties. Embezzlement occurs when the accused individual improperly takes money from a party they owe a duty to. One typical example is when an employee improperly takes money from the company they work for.

Understanding the laws related to prescription drug use

The rules and laws concerning prescription drugs may be surprising for some Texans to learn. For those taking prescription drugs to control pain for an injury, it can be important for them to understand the laws related to prescription drugs and prescription drug use and how they can lead to drug crimes. Prescription drugs may be used legitimately for pain, but can be highly addictive.

In general, the use of prescription drugs is not illegal, but some prescription drugs, such as Vicodin,

College volleyball player facing drunk driving charges

Criminal charges related to alleged drunk driving are serious charges. A University o Texas Austin volleyball player is facing drunk driving accusations and charges. The 20-year-old standout volleyball player was initially pulled over for driving without her headlights on a following too closely. The woman allegedly admitted to drinking two shots of vodka with soda 6 hours earlier. The woman also allegedly smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test; a breathalyzer test was not administered according to the police report.

The young woman spent the night in jail following her arrested and was released on bail. The volleyball player's coach acknowledged that he was familiar with the situation and charges and that it was being addressed internally. Drunk driving charges are serious charges an can have a significant negative impact on the life and future of the accused individual. Criminal charges in general can impact the personal and professional lives of the accused individual and may impact educational opportunities as well.

What constitutes forgery in Texas?

In order for many things to be legally done in Texas, the people who are a part of the transaction must sign the document or writing. This could be for bank transactions, credit cards, checks, mortgages, wills, titles to property, contracts and for many other reasons. When people receive documents with a person's signature on it, generally it is presumed that the person in fact agreed to the terms of the document.

However, this is not always the situation, and sometimes the person who signed the document is not the actual party to the transaction. When this occurs, it is known as forgery, which is a type of fraud. People commit forgery when they make or alter a writing purporting it to be an act of a person who did not in fact authorize it, purporting to be executed at a time, place or in a sequence that was not true or purporting to be a copy of an original when there no original.

Drug classification schedules in Texas

There are many people in Texas who use drugs for one reason or another. Some of the reasons are for medical purposes and are perfectly legal when taken according to the prescription. However, many other people use various drugs illegally. This could because the drug is never prescribed and illegal to use or it could be a prescription drug that is being used without a valid prescription. If people use drugs illegally, they could face serious consequences if they are caught.

The severity of the consequences for drug crimes depends on a number of different factors, but one of the main factors is the type of drug that was possessed or distributed. Drugs are classified into five different schedules based on their danger level to people. They are ranked I - V with I being the most dangerous.

"No refusal" policy leads to DWI arrests by Austin police

Every weekend, drivers are urged to make responsible decisions and to find another way home rather than driving while intoxicated. Most of the time, people make a responsible decision if they have had too much to drink. However, maybe a person lost track of how many drinks they had at a Memorial Day gathering with family or friends. Driving while intoxicated over the legal BAC limit of .08 can result in a person being arrested for DWI.

The same will be said about drivers over the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend. This is a time to celebrate, relax and enjoy free time with friends and family. However, no doubt, arrests will be made in connection with DWI charges. One new tactic Austin police have been using to catch intoxicated drivers is called "no refusal" initiatives. These are used as a way for police to secure warrants to draw blood from drivers unwilling to provide a simple voluntarily or submit to a breathalyzer.

Potential penalties when charged with boating while intoxicated?

On a hot Texas summer day, people are focused on staying cool and having a good time with their family. That's why so many head to local lakes or rivers to enjoy a day on the water. With leisure time comes the occasional beer, wine or mixed-drink. However, did you know that those operating a boat or other watercraft can be charged with boating while intoxicated?

Boating while intoxicated is a charge some may face when authorities discover that the driver of a boat or similar watercraft is operating motorized watercraft under the influence of alcohol. Same rules apply to boating under the influence as do motor vehicle drivers who are suspected of driving while intoxicated. That is, the same BAC levels apply, in that those operating a boat or similar watercraft cannot be intoxicated above Texas' legal limit. The coast guard or other similar agency can flag a boater down and even administer a sobriety test if he or she has probable cause.

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